The Growth of Self Storage Units In Aurora

Today, more and more people use self storage units in Aurora. Whether it is for personal use, business, or organization, people start to realize the significance of having a self storage unit.

Self storage, also known as self-service storage or mini storage, is a facility rented by individuals usually to store household goods. Some people also use self storage units in Aurora to store goods for small businesses, especially for storing excess inventory or old records. The rented storage space is usually protected by the tenant’s personal lock and key.

According to a statistical data provided by the United States Census, one out of ten Americans has a self-storage unit. If you were to compute the amount of space these units occupy, it would probably be as huge as the island of Manhattan. This huge apparent growth in the self storage industry can be attributed in different factors.

First, most people see self storage units in Aurora as a good economic alternative to renting or buying a home with multiple rooms. Renting a storage unit is less expensive because it is paid on a monthly basis. Basically anything that can be stored in one’s personal space can be also stored in a self storage unit. This can be very beneficial also for businesses that need space to store old documents and supplies. Having self storage units could also free up new office space for new employees or other important materials like printers, cabinets, and computers.

Second, self storage units in Aurora are safe and secure. A normal storage unit is usually monitored by advanced security cameras and most self storage facilities have an on-site security team making rounds on the area. It is definitely safe than storing valuable goods in one’s own home where occasional theft usually happens.

Another good factor that makes self storage units useful is the space. Some large self storage units have large spaces that can store huge vehicles like boats and cars which are very useful instead of storing it at one’s backyard or garage.

Lastly, self storage units are climate controlled and private. They are climate controlled in the sense that it allows you to store valuable and sensitive items such as paintings and books that are commonly sensitive to high temperature. It’s a good alternative rather than storing them at one’s attic where the temperature can heat up especially during summer. In addition to this, storage units are private and are very exclusive, even from one’s own family members. It can be a personalized space for people who enjoy privacy.

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Aurora Self Storage Units: An Overview of the Industry


When the Great Recession drew to a height back in 2008, the peoples’ eyes were glued to the big names. Nobody thought to look at the emerging industry that was slowly filling in the empty lots and buildings in neighborhoods. Fast forward to 2009 and this

new industry has firmly planted its feet on roughly 2.3 billion square feet of American soil. Once considered an underdog in businesses, the self storage industry has now grown to become one of the most successful and in demand service today.

The idea behind self storage is that the facilities are rented out to tenants for a monthly fee. In exchange, the tenants can use these storage spaces of their own volition and can come and go as they please. The facilities come in many sizes, making them a convenient option for residents and business owners in need of a place to keep their possessions.

The self-service storage as an industry grew in popularity in the United States around the 1960s. The 1990s and the year 2000 both saw sudden spikes in demand. Today, the industry in the US comprises around 55,000 facilities owned by 30,000 strong companies and individuals. But what drives this demand? Where is this craze for extra storage room coming from?

Basically, the demand falls on two factors: mobility and growth. Let’s take one city for example: Aurora. Self storage units in Colorado are highly profitable because it straddles great transportation lines and networks, making them ideal for families and businesses which are moving interstate. Aurora self storage units have also shouldered the demands of home owners and business owners who have lost their properties during the recession. Simply put, Aurora self storage units served as stepping stones for both new and outgoing occupants who had to move their possessions.

Strategically speaking, Aurora self storage units are also ideal because they are situated close to the capital Denver, making them the go-to area for a lot of people. With the economy back on track and everyone settling down more securely in their new homes, Aurora self storage units  have found new use as storage for junk that otherwise aren’t thrown away.

All of these factors reflect the whole rush for space across the US: the consumerist economy fuels the need for storage facilities. With people still recovering from the recession and the drive for mobility going strong among citizens, the self storage industry has found the stability to keep on growing.

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